A modern law firm dedicated to the success of nonprofits and their missions


Achieve your mission

We aim to help you navigate the legal terrain that your nonprofit organization faces so that you have the freedom to achieve your mission.

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Seeing Things Differently

We understand the importance of organizational mission and the unique challenges that nonprofit organizations face.

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For Businesses

Are you a small or medium-sized business? If so, we can help! Though our primary focus at Mission Counsel is the nonprofit sector, we serve many clients on the for-profit side as well.

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At Mission Counsel, let us help you solve problems so that you can focus on your mission.

Our desire is for our clients to see our services as an added value to their organization. We want to get to know not merely the legal needs of our clients, but also their missions, their visions and their values. We want to come alongside our clients and help them achieve their highest purposes.
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Discover a Modern Nonprofit Law Firm in Kansas City.

Whether you run a nonprofit or are a business owner, you have a mission. Whether your mission is charitable or for-profit, you're impacting the world and you've got a big vision of what success looks like for your organization. But that vision can easily get clouded by day-to-day tasks and obstacles, especially those things that have a legal component to them: contracts, leases, employment issues, intellectual property, compliance, governance, and on and on. It becomes easy to view these complex legal matters as only getting in the way of what you want your organization to accomplish.

At Mission Counsel, we see things differently.

We see these various legal challenges as opportunities to help you succeed. We work hard to understand your unique mission and to structure our legal counsel to help you realize that mission. We see ourselves as strategic partners with you in accomplishing your mission.

Practice Areas

Mission Counsel is dedicated to helping Nonprofit Organizations and Small & Medium Businesses throughout the states of Missouri and Kansas.

How We Work

Mission Counsel is not a typical law firm. We wholeheartedly embrace modern business methodologies, the latest technological tools, and a client-centered focus.


Mission Counsel is committed to serving nonprofit organizations in Kansas and Missouri.

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