1023 Client Task List

  1. Submit Nonprofit Intake Form
  2. E-sign Engagement Agreement via HelloSign
  3. Pay $1,250 via Clio or check
  4. E-sign Articles of Incorporation via HelloSign (all signatures will be via HelloSign)
  5. E-sign EIN Application
  6. Founder/President approve Bylaws, Initial Written Consent, and Conflict of Interest Policy via email
  7. Remaining board members approve Bylaws, Initial Written Consent, and Conflict of Interest Policy via email
  8. All board members e-sign Initial Written Consent
  9. Secretary e-signs Bylaws
  10. Submit 1023 Questionnaire
  11. Send Financial Information Spreadsheet via email to TM and HFF
  12. E-sign Power of Attorney form
  13. Approve Form 1023 via email with HFF
  14. E-sign Form 1023
  15. Pay $1,644.25 via Clio or check --- We will NOT submit Form 1023 until payment received
  16. Wait for IRS Determination Letter (6+ months) --- If IRS has an inquiry on Form 1023, then work will be charged at a reduced hourly rate (TM=$150 and HFF=$75)
  17. Confirm IRS Determination with TM and/or HFF
  18. Pay $500 plus any hourly fees incurred handling inquiry from the IRS via Clio or check

We want to expedite your experience in establishing a new nonprofit and applying for 501(c)(3) status so you can start the great work your organization intends to do.  Effective communication and prompt payments upon request will help in this process.  For example, we could complete steps 1-15 in about a month if all our emails are responded to by a client approximately 24 hours after they are received.

At Mission Counsel, let us help you solve problems so that you can focus on your mission.

Our desire is for our clients to see our services as an added value to their organization. We want to get to know not merely the legal needs of our clients, but also their missions, their visions and their values. We want to come alongside our clients and help them achieve their highest purposes.
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